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About us

May be you have decided to rearrange the world you live in and create a garden where your idea for perfection will be recreated through the language of nature.


Maestro Part Ltd. is a private company operating on the market since 1995. The owners and the manager of the company are landscape architects. Our employees are leading specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the field of planting. Through these years we have completed more than 50 large-scale projects for design of gardens and multiple smaller projects. Therefore, our list of completed projects comprises of various functional types of sites. We possess our own production facility for plants /nursery-garden for ornamental plants – 40 decares//


  •     Interpred –World Trade Center since 1998
  •     Permanent representation of the World Bank since 1999
  •     FC Fina C since 1999
  •     TB MKB UnionBank ADA since 1995
  •     CIBank Jsc. since 2002
  •     Corporative Commercial Bank since 2002
  •     University of National and World Economics 2004-2006
  •     Private Estate in Bankya – 25 decares
  •     Hotel Hilton - Sofia
  •     Hotel Holiday Inn
  •     Hotel Yastrebetz – Borovetz
  •     Hotel Metropolitan
  •     Expo Hotel Silver House
  •     Hotel Hill
  •     Intehotel – Sandanski Rehau Ltd.
  •     Metalurg Arena - Pernik
  •     Roof gardening – Sofia Central park
  •     Highway planting – Е-79 Daskalovo – Dupnitza
  •     and many others

Maestro Park Ltd. offers a complete range of maintaining services for your garden. The special thing about us is that your garden is cared by a specialist under the supervision of a landscape architect. Our gardeners are trained under specific standards for work, and in case of difficulties they are helped by a specialist who consults them on plant protection, etc.

Our advantages:

  • Lower costs for servicing – due to high throughput equipment and complete range of garden machines, as well as due to our well trained employees
  • Delivery of materials at lower prices, including fertilizers and preparations
  • Diagnostic of diseases and pests in early stage, preventing lethal outcome for the plants
  • Complex maintenance of irrigation systems, preparation for the winter and the spring, small repairs along of the infrastructure, etc., cutting dangerous and high trees, supply of wood materials

Your garden

You can’t get used to it, you can’t remember it. It is continuously changing, it lives.