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Planting - design

When choosing a designer, you should consider:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Relevant experience
  • Technical equipment
  • Availability of information for previous projects

Design stages

  1. What we would like to do? The design of a garden seems easy. Let’s see what it includes.
  2. Which is your style? Everyone has an individual style. It reflects his view of the world. Your choice speaks about you – the way you dress, the way you make up, the way you decorate your house, etc.
  3. The big picture: the design of each well organized garden must correspond to the following principles – main idea /center/ around which the garden will be developed
  4. Lines and shapes. In the basic of some of the best gardens are the strict lines and well shaped spaces. The lines in the garden are usually part of the walkways /eyes/, but sometimes lead to separated premises and spaces.
  5. Balance and proportions. You can always feel when you enter a well balanced garden, you will feel comfortable, the lines will seam natural in the space and the volumes will attract your sight.
  6. What would like to include? So far, we talked about your style, the basics of design, lines and proportions, and now it’s time for the functional arrangement. The clearly defined wishes will help the designer to combine aesthetics, practical approach and functionality
  7. 1.Individual design and size. In order to obtain a good shape of the garden, the idea must be developed on paper
  8. 1.Choice of materials. The selection of specific type of materials depends on their situation in the garden area, successive growth, as well as the terrain /soil, structure, etc./
  9. 1.Choice of color range. All gardens are usually full of colors. There is an almost unlimited set of options provided by the nature. But the choice is not limited only to plants, but also inert materials, focuses, lighting, accessories.
  10. 1.Final project. You see that the creation of a garden is a complex activity including observation of rules and standards, fantasy, sense of the surrounding environment. What is your garden going to be?