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Flowers - arrangement

Flowers - arrangement
If you cut a flower or a plant from your garden and place them in a vase, you have a flower decoration. The art of flower arrangement is the skill to show their natural beauty. The arrangement of flowers includes many elements – lines, shape, colors, quantity, which should be in harmony. The line gives a special outlook of the composition, strengthens the emotional perception, and stimulates various moods and associations. The color compositions are a combination between nature and art. To a large degree they are comparable to other arts and are time and style dependent. They are short-term and meanwhile – eternal. In their history they became a tradition and part of the live of many generations.
Some useful advices for better storage:
  • Don’t put the bouquet or the arrangement under direct sunlight of a TV
  • Fruit dishes next to the flowers will kill them
  • Replace and add clear cold water frequently
  • Wash well the vases, especially the metal ones
  • Put a preservative in the water – the best is to use bleach